Default terms for publication of cartoons

I understand that publishers of print media such as magazines may wish to use material that I have submitted unsolicited, and it will not usually be practical to agree the full terms of an individual contract at short notice if at all. Publishers may or may not have standard terms and conditions of contract which may or may not comprehensively cover rights and I may or may not be aware of them if they do exist. This page explains the default conditions which I will apply in the absence of written agreement to the contrary.


‘Me’ and ‘I’ mean Vilnis Vesma known also as Vilnissimo. ‘The work’ means a literary or artistic creation of which I am the author. ‘Publisher’ means a person reproducing any such work or contemplating its reproduction.


Publication of the work will have the effect of creating a contract between the publisher and me under English law unless such a contract already exists.

Reproduction rights

Subject to a consideration which I deem sufficient the publisher will enjoy, for the full term of copyright and any extension thereof, a non-exclusive licence to reproduce the work on one occasion world-wide in one form.

Moral rights

I assert my right to be identified as the author of the work. Pseudonymous attribution to “Vilnissimo” will be sufficient.

Subsidiary rights

I retain the right to reproduce the work in any other form.

Competing works

I undertake not to license any reproduction of the work in the same form by any competitor of the publisher for a period of three years from its first use by the publisher.

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