Published cartoons

These are drawings that have appeared in print publications (mainly Private Eye). Please click on the serial number to jump to the cartoon. If the link is dead or there isn’t a ‘buy’ button underneath a drawing you want, please email

2027 Ozempic weight-losing
1999 Cable jumper
1991 Badly scaled kettle
1970 Rock Festival
1965 Body Shop Three Doors Down
1960 Lost Properly
1954 Lift choices
1950 Join the Ladies
1943 First attempt painting a diptych
1939 Prohibited personnel only
1913 Smoking area
1910 Father Time at New Year 2024
1895 I ordered a bhaji
1894 Fork lift lift
1867 Last words
1855 Hanged, drawn and halved
1850 Remove sleeve and film
1844 Borderline kleptomania
1842 Watch batteries
1835 Major influencee
1800 Parkin for patrons only
1791 Try thinking outside the box
1790 Bibby Stockholm syndrome
1766 Pop-up toaster
1765 Random House three doors down
1752 Jenrick's Mickey Mouse mural
1748 Tupperware, tlowerware
1743 Aperol spritz
1707 Voting in potato head parliament
1705 Big Pharma conference three doors down
1700 M&S three doors down
1699 Priority boarding on Noah's Ark
1677 Mobile Library
1674 Tooting Common three doors down
1656 Polling station three doors down
1631 Empty words
1625 Hepworth sculpture with Moore upstairs
1619 Ministry of Defence three doors down
1617 Hyperbolic acid is strongest solvent
1583 Kew three doors down
1578 Ritz three doors down
1564 Chinese embassy (find lost car)
1520 Pole dancing three doors down
1477 Sellafield three doors down
1475 Pollock (nobody glued to it)
1473 Wallace Collection three doors down
1471 Bonfire night rocket launcher
1455 Pleistocene expert
1452 Almshouses three doors down
1439 PC world three doors down
1437 Bonus paid in sterling 
1400 General Synod - one parson at a time
1386 Horniman Museum three doors down
1382 Selfridges three doors down
1372 Quantity Street
1359 Tory leadership contest uses worst-past-the-post
1351 Complaints
1350 Kukri classes three doors down
1312 Use the footbridge
1300 Fear of not flying
1265 Librarian handing in notice
1260 Tussauds three doors down
1243 Smithsonian three doors down
1241 Serpentine Gallery three doors down
1238 Poo bag Monarch of the Glen
1236 Red Square stretcher parade
1234 First attempt at Bang bang chicken
1222 Labelling
1209 Dummy asks for somewhere to crash
1205b First attempt steak and kidney
1204 Rail ticket options: squaddies or baby
1172 Spring sales not what they were
1118 Operation postponed
1115 Cartoon Museum three doors down
1106 First attempt Welsh rarebit
1094 Lift phobia? Steps you can take
1069 First attempt at Wonton Soup
1062 Ghislaine Maxwell Ghislty verdict
1058 B-List celebrity cricket match: 'Ooozat?'
1051 Buffering
1038 First attempt bangers & mash
1027 Stress Awareness
1013 First attempt Seared Mullet
1012 First attempt Sachertortes
1007 First attempt Toad in the hole
1006 Old rope sale
1001 First attempt Apple turnover
0990 First attempt Flapjack
0989 First attempt Rocket salad
0982 First attempt Chicken a la King
0979 Conspiracy theorists ignore conference signage
0978 Unnecessary packaging funeral
0967 First attempt Peking duck
0965 First attempt Leek soup
0963 First attempt Chicken stock
0953 First attempt Tuna salad
0952 First attempt Nut roast
0946 First attempt at dim sum
0945 Hoilday on Norfolk B roads
0943 Tellyban
0936 First attempt Croque monsieur
0932 First attempt Jugged hare
0929 First attempt Club sandwich
0919 First attempt Croquette potatoes
0911 Nu variant
0909 Left me out of will
0899 First attempt Ganache
0896 First attempt Baklava
0864 First attempt Wellington
0863 Greenswill
0846 Self-denying ordnance
0842 Drowning in bags for life
0832 Brazilian butt lift
0827 Interminable Sunday afternoons
0821 Strange and troubled times
0816 Stuckhome syndrome
0793 Happy Birthday dear Virus
0778 Face coverings required at nudist colony
0732 Can't spot Rudolf among face-masked reindeer
0731 Santa-iser bottle on Christmas eve
0730 Lockdown nativity: baby Jesus counts as three
0697 Prize for least competitive child
0682 Insanitiser bottle outside Oval Office
0652 Trivial bike repairs all cost £50
0625 Dentist's door sign 'open wide'
0624 Socially-distanced hairdressing
0607 Lower, upper and middle class
0598 Cowboy looks like cactus
0595 Before they were famous: Hogarth with rake
0587 Angels
0563 Monk invited to 'make yourself a tome'
0564 New ways of working after return to office
0557 Easter island chocolate bunny statutes
0554 Wearing facemask on desert island
0417 Tolerance
0243 Christmas dinner before the age of the smartphone
0134 Police interview: 'perhaps this rings a bell'

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